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Memorandum of Cooperation & Understanding 2018-20202018-2020年度友好合作意项协议A: 甲方B: La Sierra Academy, Riverside, California, USA乙方: 拉塞尔大学附属学校,美国加州河滨市In order to promote cooperation and exchanges on education between China and American, bring educational superiority in two countries into full play, fasten the development of the schools and train more talented teachers and students, after mutual understanding, and consultations The and La Sierra Academy both agree to expand international exchanges and cooperation and become collaborative schools. 为了加强中美教育界合作与交流,在两国间开展优质教育资源引进,加速学校发展,培养出更多的有才华和才能教师与学子


The two parties agree to sign a friendly memorandum of cooperation as follows:Purpose:双方同意签订如下友好合作协议,其目的是:1. Promote mutual understanding between the two schools, expand cultural exchanges between China and American, and enhance friendly visits between the people in two countries.第一、推进两校双方的相互理解,扩展中美间的教育交流,加强民间友好互访

2. Develop further cooperation between the two schools, and offer appropriate educational resources to each other.第二、进一步发展两校的合作项目及共同分享适合对方的教育资源

3. Update the educational philosophy, broaden the horizon of teachers and students and improve the school management.第三、更新教育理念,拓宽师生视野,改善学校管理体制

4. Develop partnership between the two schools. Serve for each others recruitment and offer overseas study service to each other; serve for the development of the teachers and students in the two schools.第四、发展两校间的合作伙伴关系,互相为海外招生提供便利条件,为双方学校的师生互访提供相应的服务

5. Learn the national characteristics, traditional culture, sports related activities, and educational practices.第五、互相学习民族特色,传统文化,体育运动等相关的教育实践活动

Cooperation Details:合作细节l. The two sides shall strengthen information exchange; regularly inform each other of their latest teaching strategies and techniques, exchange best teaching strategies, appropriate and relevant instructional materials, information technology and related teaching materials with each other.第一、双方应加强信息交流,定期交流最新的教学策略与教育技术,交换教学资料与信息技术,以及相关的教学资料

2. The two will endeavor to organize visits by teachers and students to the other school for an appropriate period of study, helping them to understand education systems in two countries and broaden their outlook;第二、双方将努力组织师生互访,安排参观学校,进而帮助双方师生了解两国的教育体系,开阔他们的视野

3. The two parties agree to support each other in getting the appropriate visa as much as possible.第三、双方一致同意尽可能的帮助对方取得签证

4. The two sides shal1 find the host families for the exchange students and teachers during the study-visit in the other school.第四、双方应负责为对方师生在校期间的访问寻找寄宿家庭

5. Each party may be responsible for any expenses incurred relative to their study-visit to or consultations with the other parties educational institution.第五、各方可能会担负对方师生学习访问中发生的相关费用及第三方教育机构服务费

6. The two parties may, at their discretion, offer beneficial courses for exchange students and teachers. The suggested courses could include English (ESL),Chinese and/or cultural & educational field trips. Family life experiences and visits organized by the host school should complement each other.第六、双方可以自主地为对方师生提供有帮助的课程,建议的课程包括:英语(ESL)、汉语、和(或)与文化和教育相关的参观游览


The validity andtermination of this Menorandum of Cooperation & Understanding (hereinafterreferred to as MOU)合作意向协议的有效期及终止(简称MOU)(1) The MOU is valid for a period of three years, beginning with the 1stJanuary 2018 until the 31st December 2020, and shall becomevalid on the date of signature and seal. Should specific areas ofjoint activities arise as a result of further discussions; details will be setforth in an amended MOU to be signed at the appropriate time by the authorizedrepresentatives of the Parties.第一、该合作意向协议有效期为三年,自2018年1月1日至2020年12月31日终止




(2) With a written notice one month in advance,either party can terminate this MOU, without cause.第二、任何一方如要无理由地终止合作意向协议,需要提前一个月出示终止合作书面文件

(3) This MOU is made in two originals, with one inChinese and one in English.The two originals should be held by each party.Both are deemed equally authentic.The matters not settled will be solved by mutualnegotiation.第三、合作意向协议原件为一式两份,一份中文,一份英文





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